Attack of the Giant Package from Japan!

A big batch of goodies arrived from Japan today, hooray! Pretty much all of it’s going to be used for Legends of Localization stuff eventually, some sooner than others. Many thanks to Dr. Fedora for being the middleman for it all – it would’ve cost probably twice as much if it weren’t for you, so thanks again!

I used to have a Japanese PS2 that I hardly ever used, but when I went to try it out a few months ago it suddenly died in a bad way 🙁 So unfortunately I can’t check out the Japanese Gitaroo Man just yet.

I thought I could play the Japanese Symphony of the Night on my American PS3, but alas, I was wrong about that – it gives me a lame region error.

So it looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a Japanese PS2 someday, the only problem is that they don’t manufacture them anymore. Weird modchip/disc swapping stuff is another option too, but that seems like a hassle and unreliable. Emulation is another option too, but my computers aren’t very good and I was never very happy with the state of PS1 emulation the last time I checked.

I dunno – if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Finally, thanks to everyone who’s donated so far – my recent progress meter experiment has been pretty interesting and promising, and it’s a big reason I’m able to pick up stuff like this and eventually share the gooey goodness of the info within it all. So thanks a million!

(Seriously, give me a million dollars please)

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  1. 😮 ooooo, awesome stuff. (I love the fanart at the top, btw) As for a Japanese PS2, it might actually be cheaper to import a used one from Japan. On eBay, they seem to be going for hundreds of dollars.

    You’re making me jealous with those Japanese guide books and magazines. I need more for my own collection!

    1. You mean the back of the VHS box? It’s just your standard movie description. I’m gonna take a look at the movie and then do a comparison section if I discover anything neat though!

  2. If your looking for a way to play Japanese imported PS2 games try installing Free MCBoot 😉 as for the Japanese SoTN you can actually run that game on your american PS3 if you buy the game off from the Japanese Playstation Store and then i’ll run flawlessly

  3. I noticed the Mysidian Legend on the cover of the guide book in image 10. As another translation, do you think it’s interesting enough to add to the Mysidia 2 page?

    1. Yep, I’m considering it – it’s a really good translation! It’s just so weird to find such a good translation in a place like that rather than in the game 😛

  4. So they renamed The Wizard “Sweet Road” in Japan? Why, ‘cuz it’s sort of a road trip movie? I wouldn’t consider it sweet, LOL

  5. I’m super late, but… Unless you have a huge opposition to the very existence of emulators, that’s probably the best way to play Japanese SotN. pSX emulator is considerably more hassle-free than ePSXe, if that’s a concern.

    You could probably just emulate Gitaroo Man as well, but it requires a much beefier computer. That’s a case where Japanese PS2/mod chips might be a good idea. I know that I, personally, have never had any trouble with my slide card (used for legit SRW games only!) after I figured out how to do it. Which is actually kind of a trick, but not that bad…


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