Let’s Make the EarthBound Localization Book Happen!

Fangamer’s “You Are Now EarthBound” Kickstarter is ending soon, and I’m involved with one of the final stretch goals! Indeed, if it gets high enough within the next three or so days, I’ll be able to make a book version of my EarthBound localization analysis!

Believe it or not, I’ve been comparing games and translations since way back in 1999, when I first started a site that compared EarthBound with its Japanese counterpart:

I didn’t get too far – I soon studied the language a lot more, did a lot of projects, and even became a professional translator. Armed with all this, I eventually went back and did a full comparison of EarthBound and MOTHER 2 — and later turned that into the start of Legends of Localization.

After I finished it, I dreamed of making it into a book somehow. There was also a lot of content that I skimmed over that I’ve always wanted to go back and cover, plus I’ve actually had the honor of meeting EarthBound’s head localizer, discussing details with him, and even chatting about MOTHER 3!

So with all this, now would be a wonderful chance to put EarthBound Legends of Localization into a book form!

If this Kickstarter stretch goal is met and I’m able to work on a book, I’d be able to:

  • Go back and look at stuff in more detail, especially in the first half of the game
  • Cover questions and topics that have sprung up since I finished the site – I might even do a call for questions beforehand!
  • Discuss topics that concern series continuity
  • Include new insights and answers from EarthBound’s head localizer himself!

And more, of course! I’m still trying to figure out how I could include secret image text, but I think it might be a lost cause 😛

Anyway, if the Kickstarter stretch goal is met and the book does well enough, it could open up opportunities to do more books on a more regular basis! I’d love to be able to focus my efforts on plenty of other games and series – my MOTHER 3 translations notes would be a perfect start, for example.

And I’ve already had the groundwork laid for a good EarthBound Zero/MOTHER 1 analysis too:

And there are the other projects I always have on my mind but not enough time for usually:


And if things go REALLY well, I’d love the opportunity to go and seek out the various people responsible for localizations and see what their experiences were!

Of course, this all rides on whether or not this stretch goal gets hit and if the EarthBound book does well enough. Even if you don’t back the Kickstarter, if the goal DOES get met you’ll still be able to order the book from Fangamer, but if you do back it I think there’s probably a tier or something where you can get a copy of the book automatically.

Depending on how things go, I might do a smaller, simpler book before the EarthBound one just to get the kinks and everything worked out. But that’s getting ahead of myself – for now, if any of this interests you, consider backing Fangamer’s “You Are Now EarthBound” Kickstarter!

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  1. Nice, you’re finally getting around to doing a book. I know you’ve talked about it for a while, and even asked me for a colorless version of the site’s logo to use with them. Well, good going on finally getting on it. I hope it turns out well. I’ll definitely buy a copy.

    1. Yep, I’ve been talking about books forever, so I’m glad that it might finally finally be happening. Since it’ll be Fangamer doing the books the design and layout is pretty much up to them, but I do know that the mock-up image in this post was put together super-quickly and not meant to be final in any way.

  2. I’m adding my two cents (or $16 – $32 translates to a tad too many Brazilian Reals), but I wish I could back just the localization book and get a digital copy. The other stuff is surely very cool and all, but I’m much more interested in localization stuff than in the handbook…

    1. Yeah, the tiers on the thing are a little strange, but then again it IS a stretch goal (and a really high one that I didn’t think would get met) so I’m not sure what the standard procedure is for something like that. In any case, if the stretch goal does get met you’ll be able to order the book from Fangamer by itself eventually. I assume there’ll be a PDF version but that’s something I’ll need to discuss with them later.

  3. Well, this should be interesting, Let’s hope that this book of yours will be a success. BTW, still waiting for you to do articles of my idea. Check out my previous posts if you have the time because I really don’t want to remind you of them again…

    1. Yeah, I see your posts on suggestions a lot, so please don’t think I’m ignoring you. I keep track of all article suggestions – I’m currently at like almost 400 article suggestions and I don’t update too often right now, so I don’t know if it’ll be feasible to get to everything. I’ll get back on the ball eventually!

  4. Those are like the first pictures I’ve ever seen of you, Mato. I must say you do look how you sound, I know some people that their looks totally do not match their voice (Chuggaaconroy, just to name one).

    Anyway, I’d love to get that book if it becomes a reality. The other comparisons look awesome too, can’t wait for those. I would ask how TMNT is going, but I don’t want to annoy you. 😛

  5. Hmm. I may consider backing this project (I’m kinda interested in the book) soon. It’s great that you’re getting recognition for your work, man.

  6. What an interesting idea. Best of luck with your book. If it becomes reality I’ll probably read it even though I’ve yet to play the Mother games (I really need to get around to that). I already bug my friends with interesting localization things I find myself and read about on this site, books about localization would give me even more things to bore them with!

  7. Wait a minute… you want to put Mother into a “wood-based format?”
    You’ll take care to only use the finest non-explosive wood, I’m sure.
    (gotta ask after what Mother has taught us…) 😀

  8. Oh. if you need any editing or proofreading or screenshots or stupid remarks or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help, and you know I’m not just trying to scam a freebie on account of I’ve already paid for it. 😉

  9. I’m sure it would be a huge undertaking, but now that EarthBound Zero has been officially released as EarthBound Beginnings (prefer the Zero name, myself), a proper analysis involving all three – the Japanese original, the widely-played Zero, and the official Beginnings – would be pretty amazing.


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