See Behind the Scenes of Legends of Localization

I add a new article once every week or two here on Legends of Localization, but there’s actually a lot more going on all the time behind the scenes. The team and I are always coming across cool info, pics, research materials, etc., and we’re always working on 8000 projects that most people never know about. There’s never been a good place to talk about it, though – it’d clutter up the main site and social media is too limiting.

I recently set up a Legends of Localization Dev Blog where we can finally post what we’re up to, what cool stuff we’ve been finding, the status of various projects, etc. I’ll be posting stuff there regularly, as will Poe and Tony, who are also Legends of Localization team members.

Besides behind-the-scenes stuff, I’ll probably post reader questions that I don’t have answers to, in the hope that others might be able to help. And I’ll probably move many of the “here’s some random stuff we found during research” posts (example 1, example 2) from this site to the dev blog.

Anyway, this first post describes everything in more detail and lists all of the projects and goals we have at the moment. If you’re a fan of Legends of Localization, check the dev blog often. I think you’ll like it a lot! (And it’s already giving me Mother 3 fan translation blog vibes 😛 )

  1. This sounds like an amazing idea! I’ll be sure to check the new blog once in a while.

  2. Oh man, you’re getting fancy with those hover texts. Nice!

  3. I hope Game City comes with Moonwalker with that box art.


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