Mega Man III (Japanese / English) [FC/NES]

This is one of several pages in Legends of Localization’s Rockman 3 (Famicom) / Mega Man III (NES) research and data archive. There are 32 images on this comparison page, out of 137 images total.

For more information, see the Research & Data FAQ.


Note that Dr. Light is known as “Dr. Right” in Mega Man III, unlike in other Mega Man games. The list of old robots during the credits features a few more details in Japanese than in English, only because it generlaly takes twice as many characters to write something in English than in Japanese.

Image Comparisons (16 sets)

  1. Ok. Translate them ? 🙂

    1. These research & data galleries are mostly uncurated and unorganized, so translating everything goes beyond the scope of what they’re for. I do point out when text is significantly different when I can, though, otherwise the original text probably isn’t noteworthy enough to mention.


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