The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Japanese / English) [3DS]

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Final Battle

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  1. Which capture card did you use?
    Katsuki’s ones aren’t lossless.

    1. Yeah, I use Loopy’s capture cards since Katsukitty’s service was too weird, sounded kinda unreliable, and the software sounded like it had all kinds of problems, including DRM on top of it all.

  2. Someone I’ve spoke to has claimed multiple times now that, after completing the House of Gales in the French copy of ALBW, there is a Zora nearby or actually in Zora’s Domain with a new line of dialogue regarding Queen Oren and her bloodline.

    As a lore-nut, this deeply intrigues me! I’ve found no Japanese playthroughs online that feature the player returning to Zora’s Domain after completing the House of Gales.

    I think it really may be worth checking this out in the Japanese, just to see if the reference remains intact. I certainly can’t find the answer!

    By the way, this site has been a blessing when it comes to analyzing the lore from ALBW. You all do beautiful work here! I would appreciate if someone could look into this?


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