What That Japanese Guy in Dead Rising 3 Says


Chris Y. recently asked a question about Dead Rising 3 for the new Xbox One system – which is actually kind of cool, since this is my first question about the new generation of games!

I’m playing Dead Rising 3 on the XB1, and there’s this mission where you go to a “peaceful garden”.

When you enter, there’s this old Asian guy standing on top of a roof of a building. (You can see said building in the background of screenshot provided. I wonder what it’s called.)

He notices you, and then he jumps down, saying “Ikari koso, washi no seigida!”, according to the subtitles.

I know this isn’t Chinese, and it sounds an awful lot like Japanese. (It probably is.)

So, is it Japanese, and if it is, can you translate it for me?


And here’s the screenshot in question:

Is this still a zombie game?

Nope, this isn’t Chinese, it’s Japanese, and it’s actually pretty simple! In Japanese, he’s saying “Ikari koso, washi no seigi da!” which translates literally into something like, “Anger is my justice!”

It sounds a bit odd literally like that, but you know how there’s the whole good/bad and right/wrong dichotomy? Well, this guy is saying that for him, anger is what he considers good/righteous/just.

As a side note, he happens to use a personal pronoun usually used for older men, which in a way gives the line a tiny bit more of an old-but-strong badass vibe. Does that fit with his character in the game?

  1. It looks like a 360 game. But I guess you can’t expect much from launch titles. [/troll]

  2. “Washi” is used by old men, right? I’ve heard Professor Agasa use it often in Detective Conan.

    1. Yeah, it’s generally an old man pronoun in stuff like this.

  3. Actually, this line really looks like some reference to old-80’s Tokusatsu shows, they say this a lot on them. Mainly on the Metal Hero franchise (actually, one of them uses ‘ore’ instead of ‘washi’).

  4. Maybe “Anger is how I execute justice” would convey the idea?

  5. This boss, with context, is actually a dude who kinda combines various Eastern Asian cultural things, though it’s been a while, and I can’t remember all of the cultures he references.
    He does seem to be American, though again, I might be remembering wrong!


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