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I love to translate Japanese stuff, so if you’re ever in a pickle and need something small translated from Japanese to English, just lemme know! Only if it’s less than a paragraph or two, though – any more than that and it’ll probably take me more time than I can spare. Unless you’re willing to pay, of course 😛

You can contact me in one of these ways:

  • E-mail me at
  • Message me on Twitter, I’m ClydeMandelin
  • Message me on FaceBook, I’m here, but if you’re going to add me send a message too or else I won’t know who you are and I’ll assume you’re a robot skeleton assassin and not add you back
  • Follow/subscribe to me on Twitch here – I stream lots of unusual things, do live translations of Japanese games, and sometimes share translation notes live!
  • Check out another of my sites, Poemato CX!
  • Check me out on YouTube too! I have lots of archived and organized videos of my Twitch streams there!
  • Message me somewhere on my site here
  • I also read Reddit way longer into the night than I really should, you can find me here
  • And I have a Linkedin profile here, although I really should update it a lot more
  • I made a Tumblr account for Legends of Localization, you can check it out here

Also, I work as a freelance translator for a living, so if you represent a company or if you have a larger project that you have a translation budget for, give me a holler here! I particularly like working on games and other Japanese entertainment. For reference, you can see an outdated list of my professional translations and my hobby translations here.

Basically, send me an e-mail if you got games, localization, translation, or whatever else on your mind!