When MOTHER 2 was translated into EarthBound, the new programming allowed for longer enemy names. This was used to make the otherwise okay enemy names a little more interesting. Mind you, some of the Japanese names were amusing. It just seems that the English versions have more “fun” to them. For instance, the “New Age Retro Hippie” was originally “Carefree Guy” in MOTHER 2, and “Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom” was simply “Walking Mushroom” (you can even see this in an early screenshot in the EB Player’s Guide, page 10).

Below is a list of all the enemies and their names in both versions. I’ve highlighted the ones that I feel were were really changed or are noteworthy in some way. Note I don’t think the changes are bad. In many cases I think they’re cool.

Note that because of how languages work, sometimes there are names that can’t be translated, sometimes they’re sound effects or just weird things that evoke certain images or feelings. In those untranslatable cases, I made the names as close as I could to the original.

MOTHER 2EarthBound
Coil SnakeCoil Snake
Ungrateful DogRunaway Dog
Detestable CrowSpiteful Crow
Son of StarmanStarman Junior
Rebound KidPogo Punk
Luck-Pushing KidYes Man Junior
Punk BoarderSkate Punk
Frankystein 2Frankystein Mark II
Reckless SlugAttack Slug
Delinquent MouseRowdy Mouse
Ant Ant Black (more info here)Black Antoid
Giant AntTitanic Ant
Captain StrongCaptain Strong
Walking SproutMobile Sprout
Walking MushroomRamblin’ Evil Mushroom
Troublesome ManAnnoying Old Party Man
Nag LadyCranky Lady
Plain GuyUnassuming Local Guy
Carefree GuyNew Age Retro Hippie
Dirty Cop (unused)Crooked Cop (unused)
Taciturn UFOLi’l UFO
Big WoodohTerritorial Oak
SpiiiinSpinning Robo
Violent CultistInsane Cultist
Carpainter-sanMr. Carpainter
Pretending-to-be-Mean MoleMole Playing Rough
Bat-sanMr. Batty
Incredibly Strong BearMighty Bear
Giant MoleMondo Mole
Cute Tom-kunHandsome Tom
Mischievous Sam-kunSmilin’ Sam
Not Good FlyNo Good Fly
Moldy-SmellingmanPutrid Moldyman
Slightly Smelly GhostSmelly Ghost
Halloween GuyTrick or Trick Kid
Urban ZombieUrban Zombie
Zombie DogZombie Dog
Possessing ZombieZombie Possessor
Violent GoatGruff Goat
Delinquent DuckMad Duck
What Do I Matter AnywayWorthless Protoplasm
Bad MushroomStruttin’ Evil Mushroom
BigfootCave Boy
Monster TentBoogey Tent
Muddy ZombieFarm Zombie
BlerghMini Barf
Armor FrogArmored Frog
Plain AlligatorPlain Crocodile
Ant Ant RedRed Antoid
ItViolent Roach
Pretty Bad FlyMostly Bad Fly
Squishy SlimeSlimy Little Pile
BelchMaster Belch
Strong Walking SproutTough Mobile Sprout
Trillion Year-Old SproutTrillionage Sprout
BuffaloBad Buffalo
CrestaranCrested Booka
Kind UFOCute Li’l UFO
Desert WolfDesert Wolf
Smile BallSmilin’ Sphere
Wanted BugCriminal Caterpillar
Bothersome Older ManAnnoying Reveler
Nag Nag LadyExtra Cranky Lady
Mad SignCrazed Sign
Mad TaxiMad Taxi
Even More Giant AntGigantic Ant
Coil Snake DryThirsty Coil Snake
RopemanNoose Man
Hole MasterGuardian Digger
Killer CupScalding Coffee Cup
Mysterious RecordMystical Record
Department Store MonsterDept. Store Spook
Mystery ArtAbstract Art
Lost MemoryDali’s Clock
Angry PlugEnraged Fire Plug
Robo GallonRobo-pump
Mani Mani DemonEvil Mani Mani
Guard RoboSentry Robot
Careless RoboClumsy Robot
Bat-samaElder Batty
Incredibly Strong Bear SevenMighty Bear Seven
Strong AlligatorStrong Crocodile
Giant MushroomShrooom!
Overly Violent CopOver Zealous Cop
Bring-It-On ManTough Guy
Crack Shatter ManShattered Man
Evil MouseDeadly Mouse
That ItFilthy Attack Roach
Bad Smell GhostStinky Ghost
Giant RatPlague Rat of Doom
Ele-ShockerConducting Menace
Little ThunderThunder Mite
Sir Tengu (more info here)Tangoo
Devil’s KissKiss of Death
Lightning + StormThunder and Storm
Considerate UFOBeautiful UFO
Skelpion DeadDread Skelpion
GrestaranGreat Crested Booka
High-class UFOHigh-class UFO
Rare Wanted BugMaster Criminal Worm
Shibaki Crack Shatter (not sure what this is)Fierce Shattered Man
Snake HieroglyphLethal Asp Hieroglyph
Cursed HieroglyphGuardian Hieroglyph
Royal Stone StatuePetrified Royal Guard
Statue BossGuardian General
ALM-OST-OCTOPUSMarauder Octobot
Huge Barfy SlimeBig Pile of Puke
Devil RafflesiaDemonic Petunia
Barfy SlimeEven Slimier Little Pile
Tough AlligatorHard Crocodile
Gutsy WoodohHostile Elder Oak
Fish-HumanManly Fish
Fish-Human BrotherManly Fish’s Brother
Persistent SlugPit Bull Slug
Electric EeeelZap Eel
Return of BelchMaster Barf
Domook EasyLesser Mook
SpiiiiiiiinWhirling Robo
Suisui (possibly from here)Wooly Shambler
Energy RoboAtomic Power Robot
Domook SeniorMook Senior
Super StarmanStarman Super
DX StarmanStarman Deluxe
Elec-SpiritConducting Spirit
Spin SpiiiinHyper Spinning Robo
Creepy BallUncontrollable Sphere
ElectricrackleElectro Specter
Kanimesaurus (not sure what this means)Wetnosaur
Very Certain StoneEgo Orb
Cursed AnnoyanceEvil Elemental
PK ManPsychic Psycho
PK Man – SuperiorMajor Psychic Psycho
Hotly-Burning EnemySoul Consuming Flame
Carbon DogCarbon Dog
Diamond DogDiamond Dog
No Worries BombCare Free Bomb
Electric WooshElectro Swoosh
Deep Devil’s KissFrench Kiss of Death
Unfaithful DieLoaded Dice
All in a LumpMr. Molecule
Ness’s DemonNess’s Nightmare
Stare-ingerEvil Eye
Starman AncestorGhost of Starman
VE-RY-OCTOPUSMechanical Octobot
Final StarmanFinal Starman
Sudararatta (possibly from here)Wild `n Wooly Shambler
Super Energy RoboNuclear Reactor Robot
ACT-UAL-OCTOPUSUltimate Octobot
Hermit DevilSquatter Demon
Kraken BioBionic Kraken
Heavily Equipped PorkyHeavily Armed Pokey