You know how whenever the news media talks about video games, science, the internet, or anything like that and they somehow get everything completely wrong or completely miss the point? I get that same exact feeling whenever the gaming media – and sometimes gamers – talk about translation and localization. Most of the time it’s usually a lot of weird crazy talk. At best, discussions about game translation usually only focus on things non-translators can pick up – things like punctuation, grammar, names, graphical changes, and just everything else that only encompasses the final “editing” part of the process.

So I thought it’d be neat to use my professional experience to actually take deeper looks into the translations and localizations of some games. Together, we’ll look at a number of games and see how the localization process worked for each one. We’ll see how things were changed for the better or the worse, as well as the reasons behind those changes. We’ll dig into the text of popular games and see what meanings and nuances got changed. And we’ll discover plenty of interesting tidbits most people never knew about.

I also see this project as a way to revisit old games I played as a kid, this time with a completely new view. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a nice, nostalgic ride for you too!

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