Mega Man III (Japanese / English) [FC/NES]

This is one of several pages in Legends of Localization’s Rockman 3 (Famicom) / Mega Man III (NES) research and data archive. There are 6 images on this comparison page, out of 137 images total.

For more information, see the Research & Data FAQ.

Wily Stages

Note that Dr. Wily’s name is spelled “Wiley” in Mega Man III, unlike in other Mega Man games.

Image Comparisons (3 sets)

  1. Ok. Translate them ? 🙂

    1. These research & data galleries are mostly uncurated and unorganized, so translating everything goes beyond the scope of what they’re for. I do point out when text is significantly different when I can, though, otherwise the original text probably isn’t noteworthy enough to mention.


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