Research & Data FAQ

This page answers common questions and provides details about the Legends of Localization Research & Data archives.

Why Does This Exist?

Getting specific video game screenshots is a key part of my Legends of Localization work. Most of the time, unfortunately, I end up needing a single screenshot from a scene that’s dozens of hours into a game’s story. Whenever this happens, I usually look for save files online that I can use to jump to the point in question. If that doesn’t work – which is most of the time – I usually try to use or create cheat codes to speed things up.

Over the years, I’ve amassed thousands of screenshots and hundreds of save files. These archives have been sitting on my hard drive all this time, helping no one. So I thought I’d share them publicly for others who might need specific screenshots or specific save files.

Who Made These Files?

I did all of the archiving years ago, back when Legends of Localization was just starting out. I sometimes still do my own archiving today, but now I have help from a small team of dedicated volunteers.

Can I Use These Archives or Screenshots?

I’m making these resources publicly available for others to freely use – all I ask is that Legends of Localization be credited in some way. A link is appreciated too, if possible.

Can I Help Somehow?

The best way to help at the moment is to post a comment if you notice anything noteworthy in an archive. Since most of the archives are uncurated, there’s probably a lot of neat stuff to find that just hasn’t been pointed out yet.

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