A quick note: If you’d like info on learning Japanese or how to become a translator / find work in the industry, I have some handy info here and here. I’ll probably put together a bigger article or booklet or something down the road, but if you still have questions on the topic, feel free to contact me below.)

If you find anything wrong on this site or if you have any extra insight to add, please let me know.

I love to translate Japanese stuff, so if you’re ever in a pickle and need something small translated from Japanese to English, just lemme know. Only if it’s less than a paragraph or two, though – any more than that and it’ll probably take me more time than I can spare. Unless you’re willing to pay, of course 😛

You can contact me in one of these ways:

  • Message me on Twitter, I’m ClydeMandelin
  • E-mail me at – I’m terrible at keeping up with my e-mail, though, so I’d recommend Twitter.
  • Follow/subscribe to me on Twitch here – I stream lots of unusual things, do live translations of Japanese games, and sometimes share translation notes live.
  • Check me out on YouTube too. I have lots of archived and organized videos of my Twitch streams there.
  • I also read Reddit way longer into the night than I really should, you can find me here
  • And I have a Linkedin profile here, although I really should update it a lot more
  • I made a Tumblr account for Legends of Localization, you can check it out here

Also, I work as a freelance translator for a living, so if you represent a company or if you have a larger project that you have a translation budget for, give me a holler here. I particularly like working on games and other Japanese entertainment. For reference, you can see an outdated list of my professional translations and my hobby translations here.