Help Wanted

Legends of Localization is a pretty simple site, but from time to time I need help with things, usually relating to art and graphics, but not always. So even though the site doesn’t really make any money, I’ll still sometimes hire people for small things that I need help with.

When I do need help, the situation is often this: “I need help with this and this, but it’s important that whoever helps me knows about games and knows what this site is about.”

That’s sort of a tall order, but I realized that if I set up a help page on the site, skilled people could approach ME instead of the other way around. So that’s what this is – a sort of “help wanted now” page mixed with a “help wanted later maybe” page.

Current Help Wanted

I’m looking for professional Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc. translators with video game experience. Since I only know Japanese and English, I’d like to explore other language pairs Legends of Localization style, so if you’re interested in writing articles, let me know. I’d pay per article, of course – I’m very much against the whole “but you’ll get paid with exposure!” nonsense.