Help Wanted

Legends of Localization is a pretty simple site, but from time to time I need help with things, usually relating to art and graphics, but not always. So even though the site doesn’t really make any money, I’ll still sometimes hire people for small things that I need help with.

When I do need help, the situation is often this: “I need help with this and this, but it’s important that whoever helps me knows about games and knows what this site is about.”

That’s sort of a tall order, but I realized that if I set up a help page on the site, skilled people could approach ME instead of the other way around. So that’s what this is – a sort of “help wanted now” page mixed with a “help wanted later maybe” page.

Current Help Wanted

Nothing right now, but check back every so often!

Future Help Wanted

Eventually, I’d like to seek help for some of the following things, so if you’re interested, contact me and I’ll add you to my list of contacts! That way, if I need specific help at some point I can just shoot you an e-mail rather than ask random strangers on Twitter 😛

Quick note – I’m pretty handy with WordPress, web page programming, and the like, so I generally don’t need help in those categories; it’s the visual side of things that I usually need help with.

  • Someday I’d like to revamp the visual design of the front page, blog posts, and other similar pages. The detailed comparison sections have custom layouts that don’t need redesigning, though. I still need to make a few changes and additions to the site before I decide to take the redesign plunge, though. Again, I can handle the technical aspects, it’s just the visual stuff I’ll need help with.
  • I’d like to start releasing some books of my detailed game comparisons, like these ones. I’ve tried dabbling with InDesign but my skills are terrible, so someday I’d like to work with a really skilled designer to make a template for a series of Legends of Localization books.
  • I’m often in need of skilled pixel art help, whether it’s designing small icons or designing larger images for backgrounds or whatnot.
  • I haven’t figured out the how, what, or why yet, but a lot of readers have expressed interest in Legends of Localization videos. So maybe someday I’ll need some video help. I dunno, it seems a bit unlikely right now, but I figured I’d mention it anyway.
  • On occasion I need to order big batches of materials from Japan but the various deputy services cost an arm and a leg. Having some folks in Japan who could handle this for me instead would be a big help sometimes!
  • And other things I’m sure I’m forgetting but will remember later, so I’ll probably update this list regularly!

Again, I’m not seeking help with these things right now, but if you’d like me to add you to my list of contacts for when I do need help, contact me!

Also, for reference, here’s just how bad my art skills are.

…That’s supposed to be Santa.

If you know of any art books for non-art guys like me, let me know!