MOTHER 1+2 (MOTHER 2 only) [GBA]

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MOTHER 1+2 (GBA - MOTHER 2 portion only)
What is this?

This page features some of the raw, uncurated data and files I’ve assembled for Legends of Localization purposes. I’m sharing these resources with the public, as I’m sure others will find them useful in someway, sometime. For convenient viewing, most of the images I’ve gathered can be seen on the following 36 pages.


This archive contains save files and screenshots from the MOTHER 2 half of MOTHER 1+2 for the Game Boy Advance. As MOTHER 1+2 was never released outside of Japan, there’s no English equivalent to compare it too, so the screenshots in this archive only include Japanese text.

Although the GBA release did revise a few lines of text in the game (which I cover in detail in my 430-page EarthBound Legends of Localization book), most of the GBA version’s text remains unchanged from the Super Famicom release. Even so, my hope is that these screenshots will be helpful to someone down the road. If anything, I would say that the save files are the main point of interest here – it’s almost impossible to find a good archive of MOTHER 2 GBA save files, so hopefully this archive solves that problem.

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Image Pages

There are 5405 images viewable across 36 pages:

If you notice anything interesting or noteworthy in this archive, or if you have a question about something you see, post in the comments below!
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