Tales of Phantasia (English) [GBA]

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Tales of Phantasia (English - Game Boy Advance)
What is this?

This page features some of the raw, uncurated data and files I’ve assembled for Legends of Localization purposes. I’m sharing these resources with the public, as I’m sure others will find them useful in someway, sometime. For convenient viewing, most of the images I’ve gathered can be seen on the following 3 pages.


This archive contains several hundred screenshots I took during a rushed playthrough I did of ToP GBA. My goal was to get to the part where it talks about the “War of Ragnarok” except a spell-check mistake changed it to “War of Kangaroo”. As a result, the screenshots in this archive stop as soon as I get to that point late-ish in the game.

To rush through the game, I tried various cheat codes. Unfortunately, the developers seem to have implemented a system that prevents the kind of cheat codes I was hoping to use. So I instead hacked the game to give me tons of experience and then created an .IPS patch file. I’ve included this patch file, along with several save files and save-states from throughout the game. One save file starts you out at the beginning with tons of experience already gathered.

Technical Info

Full Data Set:Download
Game Covered:Tales of Phantasia (English – Game Boy Advance)
Compiled By:Clyde Mandelin
Compiled With:VisualBoyAdvance-M 1.8.0 (SVN1229)
File Name:tales-of-phantasia-eng-gba-data.zip
File Size:3 MB
Created On:12/14/2017 3:52:47 PM
Modified On:12/14/2017 3:52:48 PM
Main Contents:
474.png files
2save files
7save-state files
1.ips file

Image Pages

There are 474 images viewable across 3 pages:

If you notice anything interesting or noteworthy in this archive, or if you have a question about something you see, post in the comments below!
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