Super Mario RPG (English w/ Japanese Text) [SNES]

Super Mario RPG (English version + Japanese text)
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This page features some of the raw, uncurated data and files I’ve assembled for Legends of Localization purposes. I’m sharing these resources with the public, as I’m sure others will find them useful in someway, sometime. For convenient viewing, most of the images I’ve gathered can be seen on the following 35 pages.


This archive contains screenshots taken from a customized version of Snes9X that I’ve been working on. I’ve attached something I call a “Wanderbar” to the emulator. In this case, I’ve programmed it to display all of the Japanese script text, enemy names, item names, etc. as you play through the English version of the game. It also automatically takes screenshots whenever new text appears, so a very large portion of the game’s text is documented in this archive.

For some reason, I don’t have screenshots from the first part of the game (from the game’s start until Mushroom Kingdom), so most of those images are missing. While playing the game, I also had an external program automatically archive my save files, so I’ve also included unlabeled save files that cover the entire game.

Someday I hope to have a full, standard Japanese/English SMRPG comparison archive available. For now, I’m sharing these files in case they’ll be of use to someone, somewhere, someday.

Technical Info

Full Data Set:Download
Game Covered:Super Mario RPG (English version + Japanese text)
Compiled By:Clyde Mandelin
Compiled With:Customized Snes9X w/ Wanderbar script
File Size:294 MB
Created On:12/11/2017 2:19:51 PM
Modified On:12/11/2017 2:20:07 PM
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4007.png files
52save files
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Super Mario RPG (English version + Japanese text)
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  1. This sounds great! Something I really have been interested in for some time. However I don’t see any instructions on how to actually use this. I’m not sure if I need the wanderbar version of snes9x or not. I think it might help if you have a quick guide. Please let me know as I would love to use this. Thanks!

    1. Oh, the program isn’t public yet, these Super Mario RPG pics + stream were my first serious prototype test. I hope to release it in the coming months though, including the SMRPG functionality shown here.

      1. That’s awesome and I can’t wait. Please put me down to notify when it’s ready! Good luck with the project 🙂